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Bridging the Gap between

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Respite Care

Caregiver TLC

The emotional and physical stress of caregiving can leave you physically and emotionally drained.  Patients have been known to out live their caregivers, especially when Dementia/Alzheimer's is involved.   Preventing burnout is critical for you and your loved one,  take your wellbeing seriously!

What makes us unique is our training & care come full circle.  We can provide you with assistance to navigate available services to meet your changing needs or advocate on your behalf. We have the flexibility to meet your needs with respite relief available without planning ahead.  Relief that is ready when you are!

Check out the UCLA Caregiver Bootcamp video series on our knowledge centre for helpful skills on managing your loved ones dementia.   The Mad Tasker on demand services mean we can have someone to you in about 2 hours to provide relief. Caregiver stress due to the emotional and physical strain of being on call 24/7 puts both care recipient and caregiver at risk.

What can you do to relieve caregiver stress?

Caregiver burnout is very real. On average  a full 46% of caregivers suffer from clinical depression. If you are a caregiver, it is important that you pay attention to your emotional health. If you are to care for a loved one long term, you must remain emotionally healthy to do so. Here are three practical ways to invest in your emotional health and well-being. They don’t cost money, and they can be integrated into your daily life and caregiving schedule.
1. Collect good friends: You need people. You may not have time to have dinner with friends, but you can call them, text them and swap photos on Snapchat, Instagram, join a blog, join a online support group or other social media apps. Staying connected is the most important thing.  Without that close connection, you have no way to feed your spirits, something that is essential to remaining a healthy, upbeat caregiver.  Very often a problem shared is less burdensome.
2. Get Fit: On the face of it, a suggestion to get fit seems like yet another demand on your time. Exercise is important, lifts your mood, lowers blood pressure, fights depression and enhances the quality of life. If you can attend a yoga class at the senior center while your loved one is there, it improves your sense of well-being. Caregiving is arduous and exhausting, even in the best of circumstances. The fresh oxygen in your blood and brain from exercising will help you to be the interactive, engaged caregiver you want to be. Your emotional health will benefit from good physical health. Get enough sleep, eat regular, well-balanced meals and take time for relaxation as well.
3. Protect Yourself from “Energy Vampires”: ASK FOR HELP & ACCEPT IT!!!   Caregivers are only human, even when outsiders don't understand.  No one needs to do it all themselves, NO ONE. After countless sleepless nights or something as simple as answering the same question over and over, tempers can flare. Caregivers are under an incredible amount of pressure, and they are not immune to letting their emotions get the best of them.  What is important is that you are able to recognize your limits and take a break.  Friends. neighbours, community services and professional caregivers can all provide some relief.

Being a caregiver is very important but yet grueling role. However, you can provide great care over the long term if you also care for yourself. The Mad Tasker can provide excellent care to your loved one, so you can replenish your energy to keep up with your caregiving responsibilities. Our flexible caregiver schedules can give you time to have coffee with a friend or go to a favorite movie. While you recharge, your loved one will receive highly trained compassionate and knowledgeable care. Our priority is to work closely with your family to make sure all your needs are met, and the highest standard of care is maintained throughout our service to you and your loved one.  We provide superior consistent care, with your goals in mind!

We are ready when you are?

The Mad Tasker - text, call, email or book online, to receive relief in as little as two hours. 

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