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Bridging the Gap between

Living & Living Well

Downsizing & Relocation Service 

Moving personal belongings

Ensuring access to trustworthy and reliable services is our goal, while assisting you in a manner that keeps you safe and is comforting to you. 

Downsizing, Relocation and Moving can be a daunting task, The Mad Tasker provides personalized support for downsizing; organization, purging, packing, cleaning, unpacking, setting up beds, arranging furniture, hanging pictures, cleaning up boxes, coordinating utilities and  honest reliable movers. 

If moving into senior housing is your goal our Relocation Assistance will work with you to find the absolute best match for your goals and most importantly we know the critical questions to ask in planning for your future care needs.

  • We will find the right Professional Movers for the job

  • Manage utility services connect and disconnects

  • If necessary provide Assistance with sorting and downsizing 

  • Supervise the entire process as you are moved

  • Clean your old and new residence

  • Full or partial unpacking including setting up beds and electronics

  • Hang your pictures and arrange your belongings to your preference 

  • Ensure you are setup and comfortable in your new residence

  • Something on your list that you don't see listed? Consider it done 

Book a ComplimentaryAssessment to discuss your Relocation/Moving needs & receive 1 hour of FREE Service.

We Guarantee your Satisfaction!

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