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Bridging the Gap between

Living & Living Well

Meal Preparation 

Eat healthy at home
Exsquisite desserts Meal Preparation

Meals and Meal Plans to fit your life! 


Meal Preparation can be done with you or for you. Lets discuss any dietary requirements and preferences you may have, and plan a delicious menu to please your palate! Our experienced cook can plan from  your favourite recipes or ours. From simple meal preparation to complete planning that can include menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, clean up and special gatherings either with you, for you or a combination of both.  From delicious entrees to exquisite desserts inclusive of any potential  dietary restrictions.  


Multi tasking is what we do best, we don't sit around twiddling our thumbs. With your own on demand custom concierge you get precisely the services you need.  Book us today & lets get cracking!


Fluctuations can occur due to menu selection

Fee Structure

Beginning at per hour

delicious healthy meals at home

You select from our menu, your menu or combination.  

We compile your Grocery Shopping List & select how you prefer to  obtain the groceries;

  1. You obtain your groceries

  2. We take you shopping for your groceries

  3. We plan, shop and execute meals

  4. delivers your groceries

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