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Bridging the Gap between

Living & Living Well

Post Operative Care 

If you find yourself in a time of need, we can be there in about an hour to support your recovery.  

Surgery or illness is stressful, post surgical discharge instructions require supervision for the first 24 hours and can mean unexpected requirements and needs.  We can make your recovery significantly safer and more comfortable.

  • transportation

  • accompaniment

  • prescription fulfillment

  • pet support

  • mobility support

  • pick up/delivery of medical equipment

  • Safe medication dosing

  • manage side effects of anesthesia 

  • meal & dietary support

  • light housekeeping

  • light laundry

  • 24 hour post operative  which can include overnight support

Flexible and fully personalized to suit your current needs.   Our team of professional certified HCA, LPN's, RN's  will provide you with safe, comforting assistance during your recovery.  Our certified HCA's are experienced with post operative care, surgical recovery, long term disabilities, chronic and terminal disease management.  No need to pay extra costs associated with Registered Nursing until you need it. 

We provide affordable alternatives with skilled certified HCA, LPN's and when necessary RN's. 

If you would benefit from more consistent care please book a Complimentary Assessment to discuss your options & receive 1 hour FREE Service.

We Guarantee your Satisfaction!

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