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COVID-19 Precautions

As a result of COVID-19 precautions there has been a reduction in older adults obtaining foot care services. We have seen an increases of foot care complications while people are trying to balance the associated risks.  Please ensure you inspect your feet daily and obtain proper foot care or medical intervention before complications arise. 

  • Increased Infection Prevention Controls are maintained

  • Risk Assessments performed daily to ensure clients safety

  • All critical PPE is utilized including protective aprons

  • Safety is our first priority - preference is given to single use instruments during COVID-19

What You Need to Know

  • Foot care services are covered by most major insurance providers when accompanied by a Doctors note. Alberta Health Services does not cover any portion of foot care services. Contact your Insurance provider for details and approval. 

  • Veterans with active K Numbers can obtain pre-approval for foot care services via Department of Veteran Affairs to cover a portion or all of the associated costs.

Diabetic Foot Care

  • Inspect your feet daily

  • Avoid hot water

  • Wash in warm water daily

  • Dry thoroughly between toes

  • Moisturize daily - not between your toes

  • Carefully trim nails

  • Never treat callous/corns yourself

  • Wear Diabetic socks 

  • Examine shoes for debris before wearing

  • Wear shoes indoors

  • Regular foot care prevents crisis

    • falls

    • medical complications

  • Most serious diabetic foot problems are 100% preventable

Regular Maintenance

  • Regular trimming every 6 weeks

  • Avoid crossing legs - reduces blood flow

  • Moisturize daily -not between toes

  • wear moisture wicking socks or compression hose

  • Wear properly fitted shoes

  • 25% of older adults develop foot problems

  • Reduced blood flow- delays healing

  • Regular foot care helps prevent falls

  • Proper foot hygiene prevents infection

  • Healthy feet helps maintain independence

Care for Healthier Feet

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