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My name is Donna Douglas Farney, and I act as Personal Director for a dear friend of mine, 94 year old Helen Moffat.  Pamela Howell has provided much needed and very much appreciated assistance to myself and my friend during the painful process of relocating Helen.   Pamela has shopped for Helen, cooked for Helen, cleaned for Helen, done Helen’s laundry and helped her with her medications, all with tenderness and deep concern for Helen’s well-being.  Our stress levels are immensely relieved knowing that Pamela is available whenever called upon.  I cannot imagine how I could have handled all these tasks myself.  I strongly recommend Pamela Howell as a competent, reliable caregiver.   


You would be very fortunate to have the opportunity to hire Pamela Howell to assist you and your loved ones.  


Sincerely, Donna Douglas Farney

Donna Douglas Farney


With shoulder damage I needed assistance with many things. Now I have Carmen, she helps me with cleaning my house and colouring my hair.  I love The Mad Tasker, their level of care is superior to all the big companies because they have genuine professionals who actually care about you.

Lucie M.


My family live out of town and I needed to find a way to live in my own house.  I tried other agencies and was about to lose hope, then I saw the Mad Tasker in Kerbies directory, they went above and beyond every other agency I tried.   They set me up with so much I can't list it all.  Helped with getting government funding to get my bathroom safer for me, had me signed up for AHC to help cut costs, showed me how to stay in touch with my family with video calls, make my meals for me because meals on wheels just didn't work for me (fussy I guess).  They helped me get back to my routine before I fell and had to go to the hospital to recover. I do more now with their help than I was doing before my fall and I sure am surprised at that.  I get to stay in my house with my dog and my yard, Pamela made this happen and I couldn't be more grateful.

Walter B


Just a little background information to clarify the need for searching for a service like “The Mad Tasker”. I’m a senior living in a Senior Apartment building. To live here you need to be able to take care of yourself, in other words, independent. Some of the tenants are still able to drive, others take public transportation of one kind or another. 

A year ago I had day surgery and it was necessary to have someone come to pick me up at the hospital and to check on me once I came home. I discovered in most cases where the medical profession is prodding and poking one needs to have someone pick them up, a responsible person, not a taxi driver. So from this experience I had my eyes opened and discovered I could be at risk, my siblings are all older than I am and my immediate family live in another country. Because I am so independent, I find it difficult to lean on friends to accompany me to appointments or such. I don’t want to impose on my friends or put them in a position where they feel they have to oblige.

I knew this year I was going to have cataract surgery and I would need to have a responsible person to pick me up. As a result, I took to Google and found businesses who offered this type of service. The Mad Tasker happened to be one of the businesses I contacted and the response was immediate, courteous and professional. You have to understand, I ask a lot of questions, then ask some more. Pamela Howell had no difficulties responding to all my questions. She came to my apartment and introduced herself and left additional information. 

Since then, I’ve had cataract surgery where I was picked up at Gimbel and on another occasion where I was picked up at the Foothills Hospital. During these times I was in the capable, professional, caring hands of The Mad Tasker.

Although I have not needed additional services offered, I am thinking of doing a survey of the tenants who live here who are without private transportation to see if they would like to go on a shopping spree and split the fees. Speaking of fees, I found them reasonable and affordable. There is nothing that can make you feel better and feel in control  then when you know you have been taken care of.

Frieda S.


I am very pleased with their services

- 3 years as a client

Carol L.


Absolute saviour! My care is very complex and I needed 100% support of every function for my medical and personal care and to run my house so I can live at home.  The Mad Tasker is the only group I could rely on to be certain I could stay in my own home, safe and comfortable.  Pamela and her team provide undivided care as though she was my family, I trust her completely.  

She is my angel.

Vaclav Zboril


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