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COVID-19 Cleaning

Surfaces touched by hands are more likely to become contaminated. High touch surfaces; door knobs, elevator buttons, handrails, light switches, handles of all kinds, countertops, electronic devices (remotes, telephones, keyboards, headphones etc)

  • Current evidence shows the virus can live on surfaces anywhere from a few hours to days. 

  • Create a proper cleaning procedure

  • Choose products that clean and disinfect (Products with a DIN - Drug Identification Number are approved by Health Canada)

What You Need to Know

  • Damp cleaning methods are superior to prevent distribution of virus droplets into the air.  Clean wet cloths and mops are best. Avoid using dry cloths or mops. 

  • Ensure your cleaning cloths and mops are cleaned or changed after use.  Reusable mops and cloths can be machine washed in hot water 60 - 90 degrees Celsius and laundry soap.  Contaminated disposable cleaning cloths and mops should be placed inside a lined garbage bin, sealed and disposed of immediately. 

  • High touch surfaces, shared spaces like bathrooms and kitchens should all be cleaned more frequently.

  • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after removing gloves.

  • Cleaning vs Disinfecting -  cleaning removes germs, dirt from the surface but do not necessarily kill germs they help reduce the transmission.  Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces through the use of proper chemicals. Choose products that clean and disinfect all at once.

    • Diluted bleach and water solution ratio 1 cup water to 1 teaspoon bleach. Be sure to rinse with straight water and a clean cloth afterwards. Bleach can cause damage to certain surfaces. 

    • Approved hard surface disinfectants list click here

Post Construction

  • All Stages

  • Gleaming Showroom ready cleans

  • Reliable Professional Team

  • Prompt & diligent

  • Prepaint dust removal

  • Adhesive, caulking, paint overspray

  • Debris removal

  • Pressure washing

  • Custom detailing

  • Balconies & garages

  • Unparalleled Responsiveness

  • Superior finishing touches

Private Residential

  • Gleaming Showroom ready cleans

  • Allergan Awareness

  • Custom Detailing

  • Sparkling fixtures & baseboards

  • Home Organization

  • Laundry

  • Beds made

  • Custom detailing

  • Flexible & responsive

Clean for a Healthier Home

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