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"As your advocate, a Care Manager mitigates and coordinates everything for you and your family surrounding a medical crisis or diagnosis. They know the right questions to ask & how to navigate you through."


A medical emergency or diagnosis can be overwhelming for the patient and their families, creating strong and conflicting emotions.  You are not alone in this journey,  our experienced team can guide you through the impending changes,  direct your focus to help you find the strength and resources to cope with the challenges ahead.  Our Personal Care Manager's will advocate for you, navigating through the maze of doctors, appointments, medical supplies, medical equipment, resources and services. We can function as a liaison between your insurance, AHC, assess, plan, coordinate services and research treatment options. We work with you and your family to identify needs and meet those needs.

Advocate for You

We will function as a catalyst for the team because its various care providers, who belong to a variety of disciplines, need to be mobilized for a common purpose. Your care manager is both the eyes and the ears of the patient, his caregivers and his loved ones. As such, she is a valuable source of information for all. The case manager develops a partnership with the client, gathers relevant information from him and his family, assesses his physical condition, identifies his support network, anticipates care requirements, makes plans for the necessary procedures and initiates them. 


Crisis Intervention

A sudden fall or complications from a medical condition creates a crisis for many families. We navigate through emergency departments and hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays, securing services, supplies and equipment.  When necessary we will ensure your home is safely prepared and equipped for your return home.  As an advocate for our clients, we ensure that adequate care is available and records are maintained. For families that live at a distance, this can be a much-needed 24/7 emergency contact.  Local, cost-effective resources are identified and engaged as available.  A care plan tailored for each individual’s circumstances is prepared along with doctors and a comprehensive assessment. The plan may be modified, in consultation with client's and family, as circumstances change and evolve.

Coordinate Services and Equipment

Oversee the evaluation and satisfaction of the client's needs as well as the achievement of anticipated clinical outcomes from pre-hospitalization to post-hospitalization. The Care Manager oversees that the patient receives appropriate care and services as outlined in the care plan, and that amendments to the care plan evolve with the client's changes.


Care that Evolves

In home care is customized to provide precisely the appropriate assistance for the each family as their needs develop and change.  The flexibility to provide in home care, domestic, and home maintenance in a senior's home has significant advantages to allowing clients to remain safe and healthy at home.   


  1. Advocate for you! Eases stress of new diagnosis.

  2. Coordinate care for in home support services.

  3. Crucial partner in your health care initiatives.

  4. Monitor & apply for eligibility of services.

  5. Mediate & facilitate discussions around goals of care.

  6. Conflict Resolution with family/service providers.

  7. Arranging Services & installation for your home care, equipment & supplies.

Caregiver's Need to Know

Sepcialized Alzheimer's care for your loved one in calgary

Useful links

  1. Alberta Health Care Home Care Program

  2. Alberta Special Needs Assistance for a single senior with a total annual income of $27,300 or less, or a senior couple with a total combined annual income of $44,335 or less, may be eligible to receive assistance.

  3. ADDL Alberta Aids to Daily Living assist with medical equipment and supplies to  those with long term disability, chronic or terminal disease.

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Bridging the Gap between

Living & Living Well

Care Manager/Coordinator

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