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Ensuring access to trustworthy and reliable services is one of our goals, while assisting you in a manner that keeps you safe and is comforting to you. 

Fee Structure

Minimum 1 hour
Billed in 15 min. increments there after
Mileage charged at $0.69 per km 

$30 per hr.

  • Unaccompanied means you DO NOT want someone to stay with you during your activity or appointment. Assistance to/from inside is standard to our transportation service. To get the most Bang for your Buck we can runs errands for you while we wait.

  • If you would like ONLY unaccompanied transportation to and from an activity or appointment & have friends going to the same destination you may benefit from our cost effective Friends Share option.

Unaccompanied Transportation

Friends  Share Unaccompanied Transportation is $30 per hr/One hr minimum when all participants (up to 4) originate from same location AND are going to same destination 

When is it BEST to Choose Unaccompanied?
A.) When you require minimal assistance and would like dependable consistent transportation that can include assistance to the vehicle, inside to your activity/appointment but do not want someone to stay with you.  
B.)It is most cost effective to have us run some of your errands while you attend your activity until you are ready to return home. Our services are personalized which gives us the flexibility to accommodate most requests. 
  • Beyond door to door service

  • Medical Accompaniment 

    • accommodating your schedule

    • accommodating you before, during & after your appointment

    • taking notes

    • obtain medical support equipment 

    • Prescription fulfillment

  • Personalized assistance for your comfort

  • Notification of driver with picture for security

  • Prompt, non-smoking, courteous & clean professionals

  • Flexibility to adjust your own accompaniment level

  • No worries of finding locations, weather or parking

  • Fully insured just in case

  • Something on your list that you don't see listed? Consider it done 

Accompanied Transportation

When is it BEST to Choose Accompanied?
A.) When you would like someone to stay with you during your activity/appointment, carry items, take notes, mobility support, provide comfort, coordinate medical equipment, prescriptions, generally anything that makes it easier for you.
B.) Personalized means we have the flexibility to adjust to your specific needs and fluctuations in circumstances. For instance: we will arrive when you want, assist you getting ready, shovel the walk if there is snow, get you safely to your appointment, take notes for you. We go together to pick up prescriptions and groceries before heading home. OR if your tired we will take you home & pick up the prescriptions/medical equipment for you even include a stop at the grocery store if you like.
  • Departure Service from in house to in airport

  • Personalized assistance into the terminal for your comfort

  • Notification of driver with their picture for security

  • Prompt, on time and courteous

  • Packing assistance

  • Coordination of arrival services from in airport to safely in home

  • Coordination of arrival services at your destination

  • Grocery restocking available

  • Fully insured just in case

  • Something on your list that you don't see listed? Consider it done 

  • Can be combined with our vacation monitoring service

Accompanied Airport Service

What does Airport Services do?
A.) Accompanied Airport Service means we will assist you from inside your home into the airport & arrange for airport accompaniment through security to your departure gate. We will also coordinate assistance service at your destination.  On your arrival we will have pre-arranged for accompaniment from the gate through security & to the waiting vehicle.
B.)Services are flexible enough to suit your requirements, if anything changes we adjust on the fly.  We could arrive when you want, shovel the walk if there is snow, assist you with packing , carry your luggage, help you secure your home, get you safely to the airport,  accompany you inside to your departure area, arrange for additional airport assistance if desired.  When you return we can have your pre selected grocery items ready when we pick you up from inside the airport and return you to your home.

Book your FREE Initial Assessment to discuss your needs & receive 1 hour of Complimentary Service.

We Guarantee your Satisfaction!

Clients must be weight bearing. We provide safe transfer and SUV vehicles with wheelchair or walker storage.  Please contact Access Calgary for electric wheelchair or non transfer transportation.  

Bridging the Gap between

Living & Living Well

Accompanied or Unaccompanied  Transportation 

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