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Click on the boxes above for more detailed  information

The only Home Care solution elevating the standard of care to help seniors live well at home


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"Family caregivers are now better able to take advantage of services offered by home care companies"



The biggest value home care offers, is the obvious fact that older adults are able to remain in their own familiar home.  This option allows for independence, is far less disorienting than a move to an assisted living facility and more economical than before with the combination of Alberta Health Care's Home Care Program.  What are the primary benefits? Read on to get a better understanding of the benefits provided by our experienced In Home Care team;

Specialized Training for Specialized Services

Common aspects of this training include methods for staying engaged with the older adult, managing unpredictable behaviour, unexpected medical complications, symptoms of health related needs, communicating effectively, providing emotional support and security, ensuring socialization and connection with family.  Caregivers have the flexibility to meet your needs, they can work for an hour, a day, a weekend or long term.

Comfort in Routines

Just as familiar surrounding are safe and soothing, the same can be said for daily routines.  Maintaining a routine similar to the one followed by your loved one maintains ones dignity and can help reduce anxiety. A fundamental aspect of home care is that services are provided according to a personalized care plan. 


Provide Meaningful Care

An experienced caregiver can provide reliable, consistent and meaningful engagement, developing lasting friendships as a companion. Experience and training for specific conditions such as Alzheimer's, cancer, stroke, or Parkinson's makes certain you have someone who knows what to look out for, they know what treatment looks like and can mitigate any developing complications helping to provide increased comfort.  Including providing peace of mind through daily monitoring for safety, attending to immediate & daily needs are part of daily caregiving with respect and dignity.

Care that Evolves

In home care is customized to provide precisely the appropriate assistance for each family.  The flexibility to provide respite or round the clock care in a senior's home has significant advantages.  As needs change the importance of familiarity increases, professional caregivers offer the adaptability necessary in caring for your loved one in their own environment.

Top 5  BENEFITS of Home Healthcare


  1. Familiar Surroundings; Clients receive personalized care in the comfort of their own home. 

  2. Independence; In home care ensures clients remain safer, functional & Independent at home longer. 

  3. Individualized Care; tailored to meet your specific needs whether its to alleviate isolation or clean your house.  As your needs change,  your home care changes with you. 

  4. Personalized Care; provides a much higher degree of safety and security in your own home. It also means the worker can focus on you not multiple residences.  

  5. Family Benefits; Family are often the primary caregivers, home support provides respite relief and ensures you can continue to care for your loved one.  Home support lightens the load and ensures your family knows you are in good hands. 

  6. Home Support provides you with an experienced worker that can assist in recognizing symptoms needing preventative measures.

Caregiver's Need to Know




DO NOT WAIT FOR A CRISIS, be proactive instead of reactive!

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