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SUNDOWNING ICE CREAM - Mad Tasker Tip Tuesday

SUN DOWNING implies behaviour spikes with the sun going down.

Ice cream cones help with sundowning

Dementia is a lot of work, For those suffering with dementia they are working very hard to keep it together, it can be so stressful to navigate the world around you. By the end of the day fatigued and exhausted set in. The brain has to work over time to manage every days tasks, diminished light makes it more difficult to see with the shadows complicating it all. Always be on the look out for triggers and maintain a journalling process as it will be a great resource for you in the long run. Creating rituals is a perfect way to combat these behaviour symptoms; whether it is listening to music, having an afternoon tea or another relaxing activity, the key being having a consistent ritual.

The ICE CREAM TIP - Start a ritual having a daily ice cream cone, it's hard to be angry and depressed while having ice cream. Why does it help? The Ice cream cone invokes those feelings of nostalgia from childhood, and according to neurologists - licking reflexes is one of last to go.

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