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Caregiver Bootcamp

Caregiver Dementia Training

Check out this video series from UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program. Knowing the right way to respond to your loved one suffering with Alzheimer's/Dementia can bring some much needed peace to your life and those around you. Caregivers have one of the toughest jobs around and often take on the role with no training or idea how to manage their loved ones symptoms while trying to balance their daily living. I have linked this great video series here as a reliable resource for you. In Calgary The Dementia Network of Calgary can be a valuable resource for caregivers to network and get support.

Remember there is no one answer for everyone, don't get frustrated and give up. Be diligent, you know your loved one best so polish up your detective skills and keep notes of your loved ones likes and dislikes. It will pay off for you sooner than later!

Caregiver Training Part I: Introduction

Caregiver Training Part II: Hallucinations

Caregiver Training Part III: Refusal to Bathe

Caregiver Training Part IV: Refusal to Take Medication

Caregiver Training Part V: Repetitive Behaviours

Caregiver Training Part VI: Repetitive Questions

Caregiver Training Part VII: Sundowning

Caregiver Training Part VIII: Wandering

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