Solutions to Live Independently

March 3, 2019


Living in our homes is more than a familiar space it hold memories and our association to independence.  The majority of older adults prefer to remain in their own homes as they age, luckily there are solutions to make this possible. Read on to learn about what can help.




Today there is a growing segment geared towards helping older adults maintain a higher quality of life while ageing at home.   Assistive technology make us safer, and capable of remaining independent longer.


Home Security Alarms - now more affordable than ever and easier to install.  You can include video surveillance for your loved one to ensure activities are 

Medical Alter Systems - get the ones with Fall Detection or a combination of fall detection and GPS tracking.


Cell Phones & Tablets - you can stay connected with friends and family as easy as a phone call.  The video calling gives an added layer of protection with the face to face options from a distance and  with voice activation they are easier than ever to use.  


Medication Dispensers and Reminders - Besides the old stand by of blister packs, you can set automated reminders to prevent missed doses or overdosing. some gadgets such as Pillo from Pills Health dose and provide audible reminders like a mini personal assistant. 


Home Modifications


As mobility needs change you can adapt your your home to meet your changes needs.  Here are a few solutions to help ensure a good quality of living in your home.


Bathroom Adaptations

raised toilet seats, shower seats, grab bars, no threshold 
shoer, walking tubs all resided the risk of falling int he bathroom, where most accidents occur in the home. 


Mobility Adaptations

Scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, lift chairs, stair lifts, ramps just to name a few. You can buy, rent or even get a loaner from The Red Cross Loaner Program for some common aids. Ramps and lifts can be rented for temporary use.


Many of the items are covered through AHS but only if you are registered with AADL (In Calgary 403-955-6955) and obtain the equipment from one of their approved vendors.


In Home Solutions


  • Companionship - reduces debilitating changes due to isolation and loneliness.

  • Cooking -  meal planning, grocery shopping and the transportation to get you to and from the grocery store if you prefer to do your own shopping.

  • Housework - vacuuming, dusting, laundry, cleaning bathrooms etc

  • Organization - when you have to make adaptations to your home organization can make a difference to help with the flow of your home and declutter to maker it safer as you move around your home. 

  • Assistance with personal grooming and hygiene

  • Errands - chores, deliveries, transportation to medical appointments, just about everything you can think of to assist you in remaining independent in your own home is available.

  • Transportation

  • Pet care and yard/garden maintenance

  • Downsizing, relocations, hanging pictures, adjusting furniture 

  • Handyman services, and so much more


Home Health Care


Sometimes health becomes a issue that requires additional support, an in home health care provider (HCA, LPN, RN) has licensing and training to monitor and provide medical care directly in your own home. 


Assistance from a caregiver can be a fantastic independent living solution because it provides a higher overall quality of life not only by preventing isolation but it minimizes the physical burden related to everyday chores.

Planning ahead is a proactive approach to staying in control of your choices, while waiting until a crisis, reduces your ability to choose. Maintaining the life you treasure requires a bit of planning so you get the most out of your golden years.





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