February 3, 2019

It has been long known that yoga is a great tool for relaxation and stress relief.  Exercising the body and mind with yoga has a wide range of wellness benefits including GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) stimulation which studies have shown increases GABA by 27%



Along with other non pharmacological tools (music, aroma therapy, reminiscence, pet therapy, light therapy, and exercise in general) practicing yoga can help alleviate the stress that comes from the confusion and frustration experienced by those with dementia. You don't need to be on the floor or be pulling your leg over your head to reap the benefits either, chair yoga and meditation are just as beneficial for seniors.


  • It improves your core stability which helps to prevents falls by improving balance and overall strength.

  • promotes flexibility

  • increases oxygen intake and helps to maintain your lung capacity

  • promotes feelings of wellbeing & stress reduction

  • lowers blood pressure


Recent studies of the stand and fit programs have show 100% participants.  What is particularly interesting is that participants did not lose interest which is a common challenge for those with dementia/Alzheimers.


Integrating mindful practices into a exercise routine enhances mood, promotes calmness and improves memory.  It is very affordable, as you can obtain basic poses from a class, books, video or online to practice yoga at home with your loved one.


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