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What to Expect from your Assessment

Every client benefits from "Train to Sustain"

Our approach is the most economical and distinctly preferential option to remain actively independent in your own home with our supportive concierge services. You control the level of service and customize it to suit your budget and distinctly personal preferences. No contracts, No rigidity, No more searching for multiple services.  Last minute or booked ahead our, On Demand Senior Services are for just about everything you need to live happy and healthy at home.

We are committed to your satisfaction & safety! Our Team members are not only the best qualified, they are exceptional natural humanitarians; CPR trained, Vulnerable Sector checked & Criminal Background checked.

Your FREE Initial Assessment helps you determine what we can do for you.  We find out what your goal is (what you want to be able to do) and then provide you with education, training and services to make that happen.  Our Train to Sustain Plan is designed to keep you at home safe & comfortable.


What you Get

A.) Comprehensive ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Assessment


  • Train to Sustain

  • Exercise plan to improve/maintain your mobility

  • Tools to improve/maintain your mobility and independence

  • Service & program options you may choose to utilize 

B.) Comprehensive Safety Assessment

  • Comprehensive safety analysis of your home environment.

  • Repairs/improvement/renovations 

  • List of trusted contractors if necessary

  • Funding options to pay for services/improvements if necessary

The average Assessment takes approximately 1.0 to 1.5 hours to complete. It is our policy to include every care recipient in the decisions governing their care assessment.  Personalities, preferences, likes and dislikes are an integral portion of every assessment.  After your initial assessment we will provide a Personalized Plan for you to evaluate and customize as you wish.

It is our philosophy that quality care can only succeed through consistency and accountability of genuine compassion.

Request a FREE Initial Consultation to discuss your personalized service options.

We Guarantee your Satisfaction!

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